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We are committed to people feeling excited and energised and happy about their lives, work and relationships. We certainly are, and we love to see and share that feeling in others.

We love the outdoors and being in beautiful surroundings. Thats why our retreats and coaching have it as an integral part of our offering.

We like the difference that can be made by working in small groups; so that there is a relaxed family-like envronmen where everyone gets plenty of individual attention from our talented team. You could go to a large group where you get very little attention and possibly pay the same or a little less, but that's not what we offer.

Your satisfaction is vitally important to us. We are part of an ethical business framework, so our integrity and relationships are of the utmost importance to us. This is reflected in our reasonable pricing and our relationships with our suppliers and partners.

We are very human & approachable - please feel free to contact us with any questions - regardless of the nature of the inquiry we welcome the opportunity to chat.