About - The Team

Over the years we've come across some very remarkable people, and we enjoy sharing their unique talents and personalities with you. We have our core team below who are on the majority of our retreats but as they are in high demand they are sometimes supplemented or replaced by one of our other highly qualified circle of associates. You can be sure that everyone you meet has been especially selected for their talents and for that special way of being that you'll notice straight away. We're sure you'll enjoy their company just as much as we do..

  • Sanjay Joshi

    Passionate Purpose

    Rarely have I encountered anyone who radiates such a unique mix of energy, passion and serenity as Sanjay. He has an extraordinary gift for making you feel both incredibly safe and incredibly brave at the same time.

    Sanjay is an innovative alchemist combining different fields into incredible yet always fun experiences. He is a coach, therapist and gregarious group facilitator using modern techniques such as cognitive linguistics whilst also being grounded in ancient ways such as meditation and other spiritual practices. He is versed in numerous forms of bodywork to round off the mix.

  • Dusan Djurovic

    Passionate Purpose

    What an incredible physical presence. Dusan is such an epitomy of the things he teaches. Thank you for the inspiration.

    Dusan is a special mix of a physical powerhouse with a sensitive spiritual streak. A teacher of Capoiera Angola and meditation, as well as a long standing practitioner of Ki Aikido and Chi Kung he is a special addition to the Shining Minds team.

  • Bhopinder Nijjar

    Passionate Purpose

    An angel has helped me discover the bliss that resides within my own body

    Bhopinder is a wonderful example of someone who is so at home in her body. Her elegance and beauty show equally in her yoga postures, dance and in every way she moves. A living and breathing inspiration.

  • Peter Warnock

    Passionate Purpose

    A divine touch, everything just melted away.

    Peter's hands are worth their weight in gold. It's as though he can communicate deeply & directly with your body with pure sensation and bliss shortly follows. A massage is highly recommended!

  • Bella Lilley

    Passionate Purpose

    Delicious nourishing healthy food cooked with love and laughter! Please can we kidnap Bella to continue to lighten up our lives?

    Bella, an accomplished chef and graduate of the holistic school of cooking. She is a real gem here at Shining Minds. Her delicious creations are liberally sprinkled with love and there is always the sound of her joyful laughter coming from the kitchen as she dances across the floor. If you're lucky she may sing you a song or two.