Coaching - Choosing A Coach

Take a different path- Choosing a coach

It can be very difficult choosing a coach amongst all those now available. Essentially anyone can call themselves a coach, and so it is advisable to take some care before choosing one.

It still amazes us that we often take more care in choosing a hairdresser or car mechanic then someone who will be dealing with some of our significant issues.

There are numerous bodies who offer accreditation for coaches. However whilst some are definitely better than others, this doesn't in itself guarantee a good coach. And as someone new to coaching you are unlikely to know which bodies are more reputable than others.

For us, the best way to choose a coach is via recommendation from one of their clients. Preferably someone you know who has had a demonstrable change, usually in their behaviour - which has been to their benefit. Also we would recommend that they have an empowering relationship with their coach rather than a dependant one. We know of people who remain utterly reliant on their coach - needing to see them every week, and have done for the past five years. Whilst financially expedient for the coach, we question the long term value to the client.

As a next step we recommend speaking to the coach and getting a feel for them. We are strong proponents for your instinct, it's generally a great barometer. Finally we recommend having a single session with the coach (before booking a 'package' of coaching sessions) to determine how you relate to the coach. The relationship between yourself and the coach is going to be one of teh most vital aspects of your coaching. If you don't respect you coach or they don't respect you then we wouldn't expect a very fruitful relationship. Also in that very first session, we would expect that you would immediately have some interesting 'reactions' to the questions of your coach.

In an ideal world we would recommend that you try out a few coaches before making a final decision. Of course this isn't always possible, but we're happy for you to do this with us - which is why our first session is free.