Divine Himalaya Itinerary

Our experienced tour leaders have personally explored and discovered the best this part of India has to offer and we're happy to introduce you to it too.

We have chosen the best accommodation we could find in the areas we are visiting with our main criteria being unique and interesting properties that are clean and comfortable.

We try to go 'off the beaten track' and experience the real India whilst considering our western sensibilities.

This is a detailed breakdown of what you can expect on the retreat. Of course we are talking about the India and the himalayas and so the itinerary may have to change according to local situations but should more or less follow this schedule.

Himalayan Mountain Range

Day Description
Day One Early morning train to Haridwar (4.5hrs), then a 1hr taxi to Rishikesh. Rest and recuperation at the wonderfully peaceful guesthouse. Visit the spiritual evening Ganga Aarti ceremony and Parmarth Niketan Ashram.
Day Two Another restful day in Rishkesh interspersed with a visit to one of the spiritual teachers visiting or residing in Rishikesh. And an invigorating waterfall experience for the adventurous amongst you!
Day Three A day of silent meditation at the guesthouse.
Day Four Off on our journey to the high mountains! Stopping 22km out of Rishkesh at the profound Vashista Gufa for some meditation followed by a trip across the river for a special lunch at our special location. We'll travel along the beautiful mountain roads with wonderful river valley views to Syarsaul where we'll stay in nice guesthouse by the river. A total of 3.5hrs driving.
Day Five We'll start early into the high mountains to visit a very special emerald green mountain lake nestled in a beautiful meadow of rhododendron forest and surrounded by glistening white mountain peaks. It is a very beautiful spot where we'll have lunch and soak up the atmosphere. Approx 1.5hrs by car and then 1hr of walking. Wonderful mountain people abound here and we'll have tea watching the children play. We are far from civilisation here and our resting spot for the night (45 mins) is a very simple and basic affair (albeit the best in the area), but is in a beautiful location and beats camping! We will all have to share for this one night.
Day Six An early start and a drive to 2800m (30mins) to another incredibly beautiful spot for a morning cuppa, prior to our journey up into the very heart of the mountains to the highest Shiva temple in India. We'll be above the snowline at 3680 and communing with the eagles at a place that will leave you speechless at the pure utter beauty of nature at it's most magnificent. You'll never forget the sound of the temple bells ringing out across the white snowy mountainsides. After lunch and descending we'll drive across the himalayas (3hrs) back into civilisation for a hot shower and a warm sumptuous bed. From experience even one day of abstinence allows you to appreciate these simple pleasure so much more!
Day Seven We're going to head up the incredibly dramatic mountain road (1.5hrs) to Joshimath where we'll take the longest cable car journey in Asia up to a height of 3050m where we'll spend the day at the Clifftop Club Ski resort, perhaps indulging in some skiing or going for a walk up into woods looking for mountain cats! The morning here will present you with a stunning view of the dawning sun on Nanda Devi (7,817m).
Day Eight After a late checkout making the most of our high mountain surroundings we'll head back to the hotel we stayed at on day six (1.5hrs) for a relaxing evening.
Day Nine A leisurely day today along some beautiful scenery following the Pindar river as it carves it 's way through the hills. We'll travel to Gwaldam (3.5hrs) where we'll have lunch in the beautiful pine forests. We'll visit the 13th century Baijnath temples (45mins) especially the Parvati shrine there and then wend our way up to Kausani to stay at the comfortable Sun n Snow hotel. From there we're just a short stroll to the Anasakti Ashram where Mahatma Gandhi wrote his introduction to Anasakti yoga, and where we can join in with the evening puja there.
Day Ten Kausani is famous for it's panoramic view of the himalayas and if you wish you can rise at dawn to watch the mountains unfold from the rooftop. However by now you'll have been walking amidst those peaks so you may prefer to stay wrapped up in bed or just peep out of your window! Have breakfast on the lovely patio fending off foraging monkeys and then we'll head for Ranikhet (2hrs) where we'll stay in an old colonial hotel tucked into the wooded hillside.
Day Eleven After breakfast we're on the trail of tigers! We're going to head to Corbett National Park (2.5hrs) via some incredible hairpin bends down to the plains and the jungle home of this fabulous big cat. We're going to stay in the best accommodation they have in Corbett. It's a wonderful location in the camp, staying in luxury semi permanent thatched tents in a 3 acre site surrounded by a solar fence to keep the wildlife out. This is the only real safari accommodation we recommend. It's expensive but we think well worth it. Here we'll go on jeep safaris tracking the elusive beast and are also very likely to come across wild elephants, deer, eagles and other jungle inhabitants.
Day Twelve Another luscious day in Corbett praying for that special moment when you come across that most magnificent of wild cats. Elephant safaris are also an option as is dipping our feet in the Kosi river and looking for the famous Mahaseer fish. The service and food here is second to none and evenings are spent around the fire under the stars listening to the calls of the wild.
Day Thirteen We've arranged a late checkout and leaving the camp gives us one last chance to lookout for the inhabitants of the jungle. After lunch we'll head back to Delhi (6hrs) unless of course you opt for the the little side tour to Agra and the Taj Mahal. You will be dropped off at the hotel/airport of our choice where we'll have to say a sad goodbye after all our wonderful shared adventures and memories together.

All rooms are double rooms, however days 7, 11 and 12 are nights in accommodation that we consider the most suitable for sharing with another person from the group (ie large rooms or twin beds). They also represent the most expensive accommodation and so we recommend sharing during these nights if you would like to reduce the cost of the retreat with the minimal amount of sharing.