Retreats - FAQ

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I've never been to a retreat before.

Many of our participants have never been to a retreat before so you'll be in good company. This is an excellent introduction to retreats, with an easy going atmosphere and comfortable accommodation. In many other retreats you often have to share a room and the rooms can be very basic.

I've not done any yoga before

Our yoga teachers ensure that whatever your yoga experience the class will be appropriate for you. As we like to work with small groups, there's plenty of personal attention so you'll be well looked after.

Will I have to do all the activities?

You are free to choose which activities you would like to join in. Some will have a greater benefit if taken in conjunction with others, but there is no pressure. You're relaxation and satisfaction is our prime concern.

I'm coming on my own, how will that be?

Most of our participants come on their own. The benefits of our retreats are that we have small friendly groups, where very soon people make friendships, and are very comfortable chatting and spending time with each other. Often people bring several books with them, which they don't even open! We do occasionally get friends or siblings who come along too, which has been equally successful for those involved.

I can't make that date, do you do it on another date?

We do occasionally have some unscheduled dates that are sometimes available. However most of our public schedule is on the web site, and it is unlikely that we will have another date available. The exception to this is future dates where we may have not yet have published our schedule for the second half of the year.

Can I bring children, dogs etc?

Currently the venues we use are unsuitable for bringing children or pets.

What kind of yoga do you do?

In our experience, we prefer to choose a teacher based on who they are rather than their particular school of yoga; although we prefer ones who have a knowledge of several styles. They then focus on your individual body and find a style and practice that suits you. Common styles that our teachers often are experienced in are: Iyengar, Ashtanga, Scaravelli, Anusara, Satyanda. If you have a particular interest in the style of yoga, offered on a particular retreat - contact the office for further information.

Passionate Purpose Retreats

What kind of food is there?

We serve delicious vegetarian food prepared lovingly by our hand picked chefs. The food is always raved about by our participants including hardened meat eaters. You may have your eyes opened. We can often cater for particular dietary requests too.

How do I get there?

You can either get there by car, from London it is about 3.5 hrs and from Bristol 1.5 hrs. Or by train to Taunton from where we often arrange shared taxis or lifts from fellow participants. the nearest airports are Bristol and Exeter.

Is the venue suitable for the disabled?

The venue's bedrooms are on the first floor up a flight of stairs. If you're disability makes it difficult for you to climb one story of stairs then this venue may not be suitable.

Are there any additional costs?

There is no need for you to to spend anything else once at the Exmoor retreat as all food, accommodation and workshops are included in the price. However certain treatments such as massage may not be included in the price and are available as optional extra.

Magical Kerala Retreats

Will I need a visa?

UK citizens will need a tourist visa to enter India. We can help and also advise about agents who wil help you arrange a visas for a service charge. A tourist visa costs 82, and further information is available on the Indian High Commission web site here: Total costs are approximately £95.

Do you arrange flights?

We provide you with information about airports and airlines and will help you where we can. However we let you choose and book your flights based on your individual requirements.

What's the food like?

The food is gorgeous, with freshly caught fish available and delicious food made either in a local style or in a more western format. Vegetarian food is widely available, and is exceptionally well made. We can recommend all the places that serve healthy and delicious food.

Are there any health problems

We have never encountered any malaria in the area we go to, and generally the area is to our mind, one of the safest and healthiest parts of India. We recommend that you contact your health professional for further advice prior to your trip. We have travelled to this location for over a decade and never had a serious health issue.

Are there any additional costs?

The only additional cost that is absolutely necessary is for food and drink. We only include 6 meals so that the rest of the time you have the freedom to choose where and what you eat, as most of our participants have told us they prefer this. The cost for food is extremely cheap, and you would eat very well for less than 10 a day. One area you may spend some more money is on the fantastic souvenirs you can buy! These are such great value that people can get carried away!