Magical Kerala Retreats - Spending Costs

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Flights - Flight prices have increased recently, especially with the depreciation of the pound and the increase in air fare levies. You can expect to pay between £450 to £550 for a good airline.

Food & Drink - India although changing fast, is still extremely good value. So much so, that our previous participants have asked that we don't include food on the holiday retreat, so that they have the freedom to explore all the fantastic eateries nearby (However we do include two breakfasts, two lunches and two dinners). You can get a tasty meal for 45 pence, but typically you will spend as little as £10 a day eating quite well and up to £15 a day if you really want to splurge. Our participants tell us that their spending costs are often less in India than they would have been back home!

Excursions and Transfers - All the excursions are included in the price of the holiday retreat as is the cost of some food and drink supplied. Transfers to and from the venue and Trivandrum airport are included - even if your flight is delayed.

Souvenirs - There are so many wonderful things to buy that you're sure to go back with some lovely souvenirs. These can range from just a few pence to ££'s. So this part of your budget is up to you!

Visas and Insurance - Visas are a necessity and will cost a minimum of $60 for the new eTourist online visa. Insurance is required and is available for as little as £25 for 10 days.

Ayurveda and Coaching - We recommend a three day ayurveda package so that you still have plenty of time to relax in the sun! This would cost you £42. You can also take advantage of especially reduced price coaching sessions, with a package of two sessions costing £60.

A typical budget for a 9 day holiday retreat:

Holiday Retreat        £   675
Flight                          £   500
Visa                            £     48
Food                           £   120
Ayurveda                    £     42
Souvenirs                  £     50
Miscellaneous          £     50

Total                           £ 1485

Whilst calculating your final budget, you may also want to consider any savings you'll make off your normal living expenses back home, such as food, entertainment and utility bills. ATM's are available in the nearby town and money changers are abundant.

Give us a call and we'll happily discuss any questions you may have and help you decide how much this experience will suit you.