Passionate Purpose Retreats

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Want to find that sense of passion and purpose you desire?
To become alive and energised with a vibrant sense of direction?

With powerful group and one to one coaching combined with rejuvenating bodywork (such as yoga, and massage) you'll have an experience to remember and turbo boost your dreams into life. Isn't it time you had that fire in your belly again?

Located in the folds of the Exmoor hills, this retreat is a blissfully luxurious embrace of the senses. The venue has been chosen for it's idyllic setting and extremely comfortable accommodation.

We spend 4 days in which we combine powerful cutting edge coaching techniques (group and individual) with rejuvenating bodywork (yoga, chi kung, massage, etc) to produce a guaranteed 'passionate purpose' experience.

"Thank you for making me excited about my life again!" - Sally

Fun and inspiring yoga

The venue is a gorgeous lodge set in Exmoor, with luxurious en-suite bedrooms, stunning 36 foot lounge and open fireplace dining room. We guarantee a delicious pampering of the mind, body and senses along with mouth watering vegetarian food cooked by our own passionate chefs.

The coaching is an incredibly effective process for personal & professional change work that produces amazing results. Traditionally it has focussed on the mind and our way of thinking, however in our retreats we complement it with powerful bodywork and movement to produce a more holistic process.

Of course the beautiful natural setting is integral to our process also. The end result is a You, that is reconnected with who you really are and with what you really want to do in the world - something that inspires you and fills you with passion.

"This has been the most amazing weekend of my life!" - Joe