Passionate Purpose Retreats - Testimonials

  • Ever since the weekend I've been glowing inside! It's been a really deep and powerful experience, well beyond what I had expected.

  • I feel more certain of myself, I have a clear image of who I am, which I have to say I HAVE NEVER HAD BEFORE!

  • Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the weekend and how real the work done seems over the last few days, as well as one great big THANK YOU!

  • I have a much greater belief that I can do what I want to do. I'm feeling more positive, empowered dynamic and alive! I'm so much more excited by life!

    Jemma Voisin
  • Just wanted to say that the week-end was great, I feel really enthused about life like almost never before.

    Maya de Souza
  • An incredible, friendly, open experience for all types of people. I cannot think of anyone who would not benefit from this kind of thinking at some point in their life.

  • It is a place to reconnect with yourself and what's important to you. Try things you might not normally do; meditation, yoga, relaxing! If you think there's more to life than boredom and drudgery, go on this retreat and get reignited.

  • I'm feeling great since our weekend together. So much has slipped away. I have had to check in with myself at times, when I realise I have played with the kids and enjoyed it, had a day at work, been running, had dinner, done homework and had time to see friends and still feel like I'm delightful company...Weird!!!

    Nicky Johnson
  • Thank you for such a wonderful few days. Opportunities to develop and explore issues in a safe yet fun manner are hard to find. Combined with excellent food, a wonderful location and bodywork, it was just about my perfect retreat.

  • Insightful, passionate, loving and fun, fun, fun! An enlightening weekend, better than I could have ever imagined. I've been on many retreats but have never experienced such a broad spectrum of fascinating and liberating techniques.

  • Passionate purpose is exactly what I am leaving this retreat with. I feel as thought my heart and eyes have opened up. I'm a bit disappointed that there were no beads and kaftans! I love all the people here - but only because I'm learning to love myself.

  • This was my first retreat and I really enjoyed it. It really helped me to feel free to be myself again, and be happy about it. The people were fantastic - facilitators and participants alike - the group was really supportive and helped each other throughout the experience. Very refreshing and relaxing, great if you want to open up and try to find some passion.

  • I had never been on a weekend like this before but would thoroughly recommend it to anyone wanting to 'truly' move themselves on in a positive way.

  • An amazing opportunity to find out what really makes you tick, what your potential is, what's getting in the way of you realising it, and how to move forward.

    John Hunt
  • If you have any hesitations about coming on a retreat, put them on one side and do it! You will be welcomed, happy and meet many new people.

  • What a great teacher Sanjay is. The fun, passion and love within him shines through and is very absorbing. The venue and food are spot on too. I would definitely do another retreat with Shining Minds.

    Anna Neaves
  • If you feel that you've been asleep for some time and want to wake up to a vibrant, energetic, beautiful and peaceful life, this is for you! Enjoy!

  • This was a fantastic experience that will change the way I feel about life forever. Sanjay has an incredible talent and I would recommend this retreat to everyone.

  • If you are looking for your real purpose and how to achieve it - mix this with fabulous food and surroundings and want to discover new friends, then this is the course for you.

    Jon Conway
  • Really gave me clarity, affirmed and empowered me. Inspirational - very, very special.

  • If you need a plunger to unblock your abilities, this is the place!

  • A fantastic experience that has brought back the focus I needed.

  • Thank you for making me excited about my life again!