Passionate Purpose Retreats - What happens

You'll meander through sleepy country lanes, deep into Exmoor and arrive at the beautiful lodge at 6pm, to be welcomed by one of the team with a hot cuppa.

As everyone arrives you get a chance to meet your fellow participants before settling in to your extremely comfortable bedroom. We have our first of many delicious vegetarian dinners (from our famed chefs) and have a 'light' evening start to the retreat.

Things really kickoff on the next day and the typical schedule is as follows (don't worry - everything is optional)

Typical Structure

What Happens Image
Time Activity
8.00-9.15am Yoga or Chi Kung
9.15-9.40am Meditation
9.40-10.45am Breakfast
10.45-1.15pm Morning session
1.15-2.45pm Lunch
2.45-5.30pm Afternoon session
7.30-8.30pm Dinner







In the evenings participants often go for a walk, spend time on their own, read or just hang out chatting. As you can see there is also plenty of scope for free time during breakfast and lunch.

On our last day we follow the same schedule except we finish after lunch. So departure will be from 2.30pm. If need be however, you could skip lunch and leave early.


Bodywork such as yoga or chi kung is an integral part of the retreat. We have discovered that our holistic approach that incorporates both your mind and body can lead to profound change. Our bodywork is simple, yet deeply nourishing and inspiring. It is designed for the beginner or intermediate, and our teachers are trained in a variety of styles. We believe in small classes so that you get individual attention.

Workshop sessions

The morning and afternoon session consist of various forms of powerful process work where you establish what's important to you and discover your passion and purpose, as well as transforming the blocks that may have been holding you back until now. They can take many forms such as group work, guided trance visualisations, individual coaching and more bodywork.

With our small group sizes and cosy relaxed atmosphere you'll feel right at home, so much so that you'll probably not want to leave!