Applications of the Meta Patterns

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"The limits of my language are the limits of my world."   Wittgenstein

Join us on this remarkable training with one of the original innovators within NLP, Charles Faulkner. This intimate & exclusive workshop applies Charles’ breakthrough applications of advanced linguistics – “The Meta Patterns of Language & Experience.”

Every time you think, talk or even gesture, Meta Patterns are creating the meaning of your experience – inside and out.

The Meta Patterns are one of Charles Faulkner's most exciting recent patterns. They allow you to easily use the fascinating discoveries from cognitive linguistics, and have been our most popular offering.

Charles will apply the Meta-Patterns to various business and therapeutic models as a way at getting at what makes them work - so you can use it in your own work. This will include: brief therapy, transformational psychology (eg Werner Erhard's Est/Form), Jim Collins' Good to Great, Henry Mintzberg Strategic Outcome Thinking, Paul Watzlawick's Change, Clean Language, and more. The models to be studied will be chosen by Charles and the participants - at a very special price of £185.

The idea behind this applications event is the more examples of the Meta-Patterns you see, the more you will be able to apply them in and to your work - and so easily create tasks, or interventions with them. This becomes particularly easy as you discover the physical analogues which you already have a natural mastery over. You'll have your very own elaborate and detailed map.

We are keen to continue our sponsorship of the development of this field, and Charles has kindly allowed us to offer it at this reduced rate to encourage our doing so.