The Essential Erickson

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"It is not what the therapist says but what the patient does with what is said that is the essence of suggestion."
Dr. Milton H. Erickson, MD.    Hypnotherapy: A Casebook

What if there's more to Milton’s Model? Much, much more.

When Grinder & Bandler were writing their Milton model (some 30 patterns), Erickson himself was co-authoring 3 volumes documenting 60 plus language patterns including advanced techniques like post-hypnotic commands you won't see in NLP – they didn’t fit Transformational Grammar!

What if there's even more to Erickson's genius? Yes! Even more.

Applying advances in neuroscience to Erickson’s actual language, Charles has figured out how every single Ericksonian language pattern works and how to make them work for you.

At the time, Charles realized Erickson’s hypnosis, psychotherapy and tasks were based on the same handful of key organizing principles – making it easy to use them separately and together.

Join us for 5 days in the beautiful English countryside, so that you too can make Erickson's own essential patterns and principles your own.

"I've been on dozens of trainings, and this has been the most incredible six days of my life."

Not found in any other course on Erickson or hypnosis, you will learn how to:

 •    Effectively tailor simple to complex hypnotic instructions for each individual

 •    Utilize hypnotic evocations, conscious interventions and tasks with equal ease

 •    Realize and utilize your clients existing trances in new and even more artful ways

 •    Apply Erickson’s key principles to improving your everyday communications

 •    Participate in the next generation of Ericksonian research and applications

And much more…

With a maximum of 12 delegates, you get an opportunity to work directly with Charles, so that this fascinating learning experience can also become a journey of personal transformation with one of
the leading figures in the field.

“Wow! Working directly with Charles has changed my brain, and I think it’s stuck this way now!

Using Charles’ unique organizing principles and expanded Milton Model