Meta Patterns of Language & Experience

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"The limits of my language are the limits of my world."   Wittgenstein

Join us on this remarkable training with one of the original innovators within NLP, Charles Faulkner. This intimate and exclusive workshop applies Charles’ breakthrough applications of advanced linguistics –
“The Meta Patterns of Language & Experience.”

Every time you think, talk or even gesture, Meta Patterns are creating the meaning of your experience – inside and out. Through activities and exercises specially designed by Charles, you will see and hear these patterns in yourself and others. Then you will learn how to elegantly assist yourself and others re-create these inner worlds in more positive and useful ways.

With a maximum of 12 delegates, you will get an opportunity to work directly with Charles, so that this fascinating learning experience can also become a journey of personal transformation with one of the leading figures in the field.

If you want to experience a profound deepening of your awareness of advanced language and behavioural cues, and gain the ability to utilize them easily and naturally in coaching, counselling and consultancy contexts, then this workshop is for you.

This advanced workshop is only available to those with at least a Practitioner level competence in NLP. (If you have any question regarding this, please contact us to discuss your level of experience). The training comes in two segments (module one is a pre-requisite for module two):

Module One - The Body in Our Minds - Date TBA

An experiential introduction to Meta Patterns. Realize how our bodies and the way we navigate the world are directly related to our thinking and language. Terms like presuppositions and metaphors will take on new and exciting meaning as you realize that they are actual experiences with everyday language that is incredibly easy to elicit and change when you have the organizing framework of their Meta Patterns.

  • Discover how NLP works and make your change work more rapid and effective.
  • Detect, enrich and transform client’s worlds through incredibly simple questions and answers.
  • Make so-called "tricky" language patterns really work for you.

Module Two - The Patterns that Connect - Date TBA

The complexity of our experience is created out of combinations of these Meta Patterns. As Charles disassembles the seemingly complex into everyday concepts of interacting Meta Patterns, the magical ability of great communicators becomes increasingly available.

  • The elegance of Ericksonian-like tasking for clients and many other powerful interventions will be natural now you’re aware of the ‘patterns that connect.’