Meta Patterns of Language & Change - Benefits

The last jigsaw piece?

We love to be stimulated by innovative, insightful and above all highly effective and useful training. Which is why we're continuing to sponsor Charles Faulkner to lead this training.

Charles is a member of that select group of individuals who were there in the heady early days of NLP, and is a leading pioneer in the field.

This training is guaranteed to stretch you. It will get you thinking about language in ways that are so natural and yet original that you'll probably laugh out loud at the sheer simplistic genius of it.

You'll immediately be able to notice and use simple language in incredibly effective ways to shift perception and ways of thinking in both yourself and others. And you'll be doing it in such a natural and easy way, that it becomes completely conversational.

So if you want to use language to precipitate fundamental change easily, naturally and artfully, then look no further.

If you want to expand your thinking and tap into the giant intellect that Charles has to offer (he'll hate us for saying that!), then look no further.

If you want to gain all the benefits of training in a small, highly skilled group of people with lots of direct interaction with Charles Faulkner. And get to stay all together in a very beautiful and comfortable environment (the best training venue we've ever been in). Then look no further.

Join us, you're very welcome.