Meta Patterns of Language & Change - Comment from Charles

Stretch your mind

Meta-patterns is a term Gregory Bateson created to express 'the pattern that connects.' In this program, I will show how our physical experience connects with our mental representations connects with our everyday language. How our concepts and categories, and consequently our beliefs, are created out of our everyday experience.

A key discovery of the neurosciences and linguistics is that our minds are really in our bodies. Following this, I will start with how our physical positions, gestures and movements create the most basic categories of our experience. Then I will connect these categories with their corresponding parts of everyday speech to show how these Meta Patterns frame everything – our thoughts, feelings, perceptions and belief systems.

Once you have experienced how these categories are created, once you have seen how they work, you'll find yourself learning how to elegantly change them according to the needs of the individual in front of you.

Charles Faulkner