The Primary Patterns - The Artists Brush

"How our outer perceptions create our inner conceptions"

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One of an increasingly rare opportunities to deepen your understanding of linguistics and NLP in a small interactive group with Charles. 

This program will be a detailed elaboration of Charles’ impressive Meta Patterns work. It will concentrate on the 'Primary Patterns' of perception - the real illusive obvious - that are the basis of our everyday experience. 

Based on the 'Primary Metaphors' of Cognitive Linguistics and the psychology of visual art theorist Rudolf Arnheim, these 'Primary Patterns' are what make each experience meaningful. Thus, a change or shift in the configuration of these patterns will change the meaning of that experience.

Understanding what these Primary Patterns are, what they mean, and how they work confers a meta-level awareness beyond techniques and across domains. Charles will show us how to achieve this meta awareness of the basic elements and structures of our and others experience. The rest is up to you...

"I've been on dozens of trainings, and this has been the most incredible."

This program will include: full demonstrations and explanations of all aspects of the Primary Patterns.

You'll move beyond the simple and mechanical submodalities techniques of separating/combining, amplifying/diminishing, accelerating/decelerating, and context shift. Charles has identified the origins of the meaning making properties. You will learn new change making distinctions including:

Selection, Simplification
Abstraction, Completion,
And More.

So, join us for 3 days in the beautiful English countryside, so that you too can make these Primary Patterns and principles your own.

With a maximum of 12 delegates, you get an opportunity to work directly with Charles, so that this fascinating learning experience can also become a journey of personal transformation with one of
the leading figures in the field.

“Wow! Working directly with Charles has changed my brain, and I think it’s stuck this way now!

Charles’ programmes go right to the heart of the subject, beyond the usual and are always inspirational. I love the way they give me an exciting new pespective in my life and work. I invite you to share that experience with us this October.