The Synesthesia Patterns

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"If there is one set of skills I would want my NLP training coaches to have, it is how to identify and utilize Synesthesia Patterns" Charles Faulkner

On its way to becoming a field, the co-founders of NLP discovered/developed many more patterns than are taught today's programs. A number of very promising patterns were 'lost' along the way, most often because others were easier to train.

Among the most promising of these were the Synesthesia Patterns - the patterns that connect our Rep. Systems and weave the fabric of our experience. These subtle and pervasive patterns are revealed in a word, a posture, a look, a pause, a sigh, gestures, body type so much more. Yet these distinctions are seldom taught.

Which is strange because with a working knowledge of Synesthesia Patterns, you can easily determine a person's important Meta-Program patterns because the form of the Synesthesia Patterns predicts which ones will develop the most. Also, changing Synesthesia Patterns can initiate changes in Meta-Program leanings and body shape.

With a knowledge of Synesthesia Patterns, you can see and hear the kind of everyday trance a person is mostly likely to experience ... including what kinds of desires and difficulties s/he is probably dealing with and their preferred, if unproductive solution. You will also know how to interrupt these unproductive patterns - outside of their conscious awareness ... because you can see what is unconscious outside of their conscious awareness.

"I've been on dozens of trainings, and this has been the most incredible."

This program will include: full demonstrations and explanations of all aspects of Synesthesia Patterns.

Including: All ten Sensory Representational Systems and how they interact, the four kinds of Kinesthetics and why they matter, seldom taught subtle Representational System cues and how to use them, Synesthesia cues in everyday conversation, In and out of awareness Rep. Systems what to do (and not do) with them, the mapping between Synesthesia Patterns and Meta-Programs, how Synesthesia Patterns influence NLP Strategies, covert change in seconds, formal techniques for when they are required ... and much more.

So, join us for 3 days in the beautiful English countryside, so that you too can make these essential patterns and principles your own.

With a maximum of 12-16 delegates, you get an opportunity to work directly with Charles, so that this fascinating learning experience can also become a journey of personal transformation with one of
the leading figures in the field.

“Wow! Working directly with Charles has changed my brain, and I think it’s stuck this way now!